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 Reviewers on Skye Moody's nonfiction literary classic, Hillbilly Women, Stories of Struggle and Survival in Southern Appalachia:

"As powerful and direct as a bulldozer." 

            ~ Kirkus Reviews

"A beautifully moving book that must be read."

            ~ Hartford Courant


About Skye Moody

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                         " . . . utterly captivating."

​                       ~ Booklist Starred Review        (Venus Diamond series)

And you thought you knew everything 

about endangered species . . .

"Moody's novels deliver an environmental message with great grace and style, and more than a dollop of humor."
New Orleans Times Picayune


     a new take-charge heroine."

​​                      ~  Kirkus                                                  

"Venus Diamond...can be my alter ego."

~ Marilyn Stasio, The New York Times
​Sunday Review of Books (Venus Diamond Series)


“A gripping tale… accented by an engaging, intelligent character…”
~ Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel (Rain Dance)




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“Passionate and knowledgeable
… enhanced with graceful digressions”
​ ~
Publishers Weekly

*    "It is a tribute to the author's skill that...suspense builds steadily to the socko finish."

 ~ Kirkus (Starred Review)

*The spirit and sophistication make you think of the classic Avengers TV series."
 ~ Kirkus Reviews (Rain Dance)

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      In the savannas of East Africa, where endangered elephants are illegally slaughtered for their ivory, undercover wildlife avenger Venus Diamond faces down a savage band of big game poachers, but that's just the beginning: Might the orphaned elephant calves she rescues portend the gathering menace of rising terror in Venus's own family?  When suddenly Venus is yanked halfway round the planet, she meets two terrified orphan children being stalked by brutal killers, and she's forced to ask the question: When, if ever, is child kidnapping justified?  From sizzling Equatorial hotspots to remote Canada mountains, Venus once again tangles with soul-stirring issues, this time questioning why she's risking everything for a species that--in her mind--is far too prolific.  Hold tight to your kids.

Writer and photographer Skye Moody is the award-winning author of three books of literary nonfiction, eight novels, numerous short stories, essays, academic articles, and one-act plays. Besides an active literary career, she has traveled throughout the world as a photojournalist and investigative reporter covering social justice and environmental issues. Skye'sfrequent interaction with endangered species in East Africa, Asia, and the Pacific Northwest inspires her novels about the planet's most vulnerable victims of human ruthlessness and greed. 
​Skye's first book, “Hillbilly Women” was produced Off-Broadway most recently in 2011, and was awarded a Mademoiselle Woman of the Year prize.  Her book, “WASHED UP: The Curious Journeys of Flotsam and Jetsam,” was a Notable Book by the Washington State Library Association.  Her portraits of working people in China, the former USSR, and the US have been exhibited worldwide.  The international publication, Coastal Magazine named her a “Coastal Character.  She is the recipient of a National Endowment for the Humanities grant for her book, "FRUITS OF OUR LABOR
", contrasting Soviet & American workers' conditions. 
Along with other members of PEN South and volunteers, Skye founded and edited SOUTHERN LIGHTS, PEN South's Literary Anthology, including poems, short stories, and essays from PEN members throughout the world.
  Skye is a 30+-year member of PEN American Center, served on PEN's national board of directors, also a member of PEN Center USA, and the UK-based Cloud Appreciation Society. She is Africa liaison for the NGO Global Help Organization. A former East Africa bush guide, Skye led medical safaris into the Kenya and Tanzania bush to help diagnose and treat tropical and pandemic diseases afflicting tribal villages.

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" . . . wild and gorgeous."

                   ~ The New York Times Review of Books  (Rain Dance, the Venus Diamond Series)